Shopping flow

1. Select a product

2. Put in the cart

3. Check the purchased product

4. Enter the delivery destination information

  • Your email address (we will deliver the delivery status, etc., so please enter the purchaser's email address)
  • Delivery address
  • Shipping Address
  • Delivery phone number
If there is an error in the delivery destination information, the product cannot be delivered properly, so please check the contents once again, and if there is no problem, proceed to select the delivery method.

5. Select the delivery method

6. Select the payment method


7. Order is completed
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Payment Method

The following payments can be used in the Eminas store.

About delivery

● Delivery area / delivery fee
If you purchase more than 3,000 yen, it will be free shipping, but if it is less than that, you will receive 770 yen (tax included) as a shipping fee (Okinawa Prefecture will receive 1,430 yen (tax included)).

● Shipping of products

About cancellation / return of your order

It is possible to accept cancellations before shipping the product. In the order completion email that arrived at the e -mail address entered at the time of ordering, the order number (#0000 is a 4 -digit number) and the cancellation reason are specified.HerePlease contact us more.

 HerePlease contact us after attaching the order number (#0000, a 4 -digit number) and a product photo. We will deliver an alternative product.


About receipt / delivery note

The receipt and delivery note are handed out only by PDF from the viewpoint of environmental consideration. Both can be confirmed and downloaded from the following.

● Receipt

● Delivery document

About membership registration

● New member registration

● Login

About the usage environment

The Eminas Store supports browsing in the latest two versions of the following browsers.



About contacting by email

The EMINAS store sends emails from the following e -mail address to complete the order or when the shipping timing is completed in order to have customers can purchase smoothly.
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