Refund policy

Cancellation, return, etc. due to customer's convenience, etc.

It is possible to cancel the order before the product shipping procedure starts. In the order completion email that arrived at the e -mail address entered at the time of ordering, the order number (#0000 is a 4 -digit number) and the cancellation reason are specified.HerePlease contact us more. Please note that we cannot accept cancellations, changes, or returns for customer's convenience after the product shipping procedure starts.

About product differences and defective products

In the unlikely event that the product you ordered, if there is "product difference" or "defective", within 7 days after the product arrives.HerePlease specify the order number (#0000, it is a 4 -digit number), attach a product photo and contact us. We will ship an alternative product. In addition, we are sorry to trouble the delivered product, but please return it to the following return destination. Please note that if you arrive 7 days after the product arrives, or if the customer is stained or damaged, the product will not be replaced.

Returning postage

Regarding the shipping cost for return, the company will be borne by the Company if it is returned for reasons that should be returned to our blame, such as product differences and defective products. In other cases other than the above, the customer will be borne.

Time for the contract

The contract with the customer is established by the transmission of the "order confirmation email" from our company. If you do not receive the "Order Confirmation Email" after your order, there is a possibility that the contract may not be established, so please.HerePlease contact us more.

About cooling off

Cancellation of transactions on this site is accepted only under the above conditions. Please note that the application cannot be withdrawn or the contract cannot be canceled by cooling off.