Shipping policy

Delivery area


Delivery company

Sagawa Express Co., Ltd., Yamato Transport Co., Ltd.


If you purchase more than 3,000 yen, it will be free shipping, but if it is less than that, you will receive 770 yen (1,430 yen in Okinawa) as a shipping fee.

About shipping date

We will ship within 3 business days after receiving your order. Please note that Sundays and holidays are not included in business days and will be shipped within 3 business days excluding these.

Number of delivery days

Please note that the number of days prescribed by the delivery company [(up to 3 business days)] will be required by the delivery area before arrival after shipping the product.

Delivery date specification

You can specify the date from the order date 3 to 30 days later.
* Depending on the weather, traffic status, and region, it may not be possible to meet the delivery date. Please understand in advance.

Confirmation of delivery status

We will notify you of the inquiry number by e -mail sent at the time of shipping. For the delivery status, please enter the inquiry number on the website of the delivery company (Sagawa Express Co., Ltd. or Yamato Transport Co., Ltd.).

Change of delivery date

Basically, the delivery date cannot be changed before shipping the product. Please contact the delivery company after shipping the product.

If you are absent

If you are absent at the time of delivery, please confirm the absence notification delivered by the delivery company, and request the customer to re -delivery.
The product storage deadline is 7 days from the first delivery date, and if the storage deadline has passed, the product will be returned to the Company.
Returns and delivery fees will be charged separately for redelivery of returned products. However, redelivery may be refused at our discretion. Please note that the order will be canceled in this case.