People who create eminas-Product Planning (Sales Promotion Division)

I want to keep in mind the best products that match the scenes of each person

I want to make what consumers really want

I have been involved in the new brand that started in April 2021 since June of the same year.

I participate in the brand launch, and I often do not know or know because I am the youngest in the team, but I am trying to fulfill my role given to myself.

For example, we used BtoB so far, but I wasn't very involved in that job, so I thought I could think of things most from the consumer perspective.

While valuing such a consumer perspective, we are preparing to comment properly when asked for opinions.


In addition, while creating materials related to brands and preparing for advertisements, "I want to create what I really want while reflecting the opinions of consumers." I came to think.

Even the same person may have different products and products they want depending on the scene, so I would like to make things without being bound by prejudice or stereotypes.

Of course, it is purely fun to be able to see creative things such as the illustrations of the package and brand logo, as well as the difficulty of struggling, so I want to remember that feeling.

I also had a hard time getting the meaning of the brand concept

The concept of our brand is "unique best".

It means the best one for each, but since I heard it for the first time, I had a hard time getting the image.

Now, I interpret it as a person who wants to use it in myself, without age or gender, but I tried and errored before that idea.


Also, I am also in charge of consumer questionnaires and analysis to explore the feeling of use and concepts, but it was the first time that I was assigned a questionnaire from the question setting, so at first it was a problem. I often felt.

Basically, the questionnaire is a burden on the subject, so it is NG to ask too much questions.

However, as a company, I really wanted to hear as many voices as possible in a single questionnaire, so I struggled with trial and error to organize the points I want to ask consumers and balance the overall questions.

Specifically, we use a five -point evaluation to be answered, or a selection type that can be answered intuitively, so that the answer method does not burden the target person very much.

I don't spend much time to create a questionnaire, so I remember feeling pressure at the time.


However, at the time of joining the company, in -house questionnaires were spending time and effort in an analog way. Therefore,In the pastAfter proposing the method of online used in the company and switching to the method of the online questionnaire, we were able to create a system that could easily reflect internal voices in product development.

By making use of my own experience and using an analog method to a smooth online questionnaire, it became easier to implement and aggregate, and at that time it was worthwhile.

I want to aim for manufacturing that is more closely related to my life and is extremely optimal

In order to achieve the concept of eminas, the "unique optimal" concept, you must make things according to each consumer scene.

At the moment, there are only five new brand products, so I would like to prepare to realize more people's "unique optimal".

The next product will be able to prepare cute things, so the tension is rising personally.


Currently, only wet tissue, but we plan to increase products such as paper towels and kitchen paper in the future.

I don't know if it can be realized, but I hope we can cover all daily necessities, such as toilet paper.

After that, it will be a personal opinion, but I would like to create a product that can be close to those with disabilities.

For example, adding a product to make it easier to understand.

There are already Braille products such as shampoo, but wet tissue has no such consideration for now.

I would like to be able to understand whether it is alcohol or non -alcohol just by touching the braille of the product.

This is just an example, and the future goal is to make the concept of the new brand, which is the concept of the new brand, to extremely.