eminas Universal Paper "Hitofuki Karari" 200 pairs (2 pieces)

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"Hitofuki Karari" is a flat sheet that coexists with high water absorption and oil -absorbing performance, flexible, supple and gentle touch, and durability that is hard to break even if it is wet.

It can quickly respond with "Hitofuki" in any of the homes, such as towels in kitchens and dining tables, towels in wash basin, and wiping of water after face washing. This one can be used for various purposes.

Virgin pulp100It can be used with a percentage of food contact support for oil drainage, drainage, and cooking in a microwave oven.

Easy and convenient paper cloth, this1If you have it, you will definitely be very active in various scenes throughout the house.

Especially, it is compact and easy to put in a home that I do not want to put so much in a living alone, kitchen and wash basin, and I do not want to increase it.1If you have it, you can use it in multi and it is convenient and recommended.

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